Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club Minimalist Challenge 2018 - Photos

I'm not even going to talk about my fishing experience, smdh...  Let's just say it was a nice opportunity to get a chance to do some scenic pedaling in the new Coosa FD.  That boat performed really incredibly well in shallow water.   Big congrats to everyone that was able to find fish in low, cold water.  Fun time hanging out with the other officers and longtime members, my buddy and neighbor Allen DeJean made the hang, everything except for the fishing was great.


Hobie Worlds 2016 - Photos

Had the opportunity to fish in Leeville for couple of days with 4 of the competitors in the Hobie Worlds, all from Brazil.  It was pretty neat to see all the kayaks lined up and see all the different tackle and gear the guys brought in from around the world.  Unfortunately for the competitors, it was tough fishing with a lot of crazy weather changes, but local fishing guru and Bayou Coast club member Steve Lessard brought home the top prize.  He was actually the only person to score two fish in each of the three days of competition,  and finished 16 inches ahead of the closest competitor in a three-day aggregate total length scoring system.  Just goes to show you that consistency counts the most!  As I understand it, not a single flounder was submitted.

Bayou Coast Where Y'at Tournament - Pics

Just a few shots from weigh in at the Bayou Coast Where Y'at tournament.   The wind was absolutely brutal, and I was pretty thoroughly impressed with how many people caught fish.  I managed to squeak into 6th place with a 13.67lb 10 fish stringer, which I was pretty happy with, considering that most of my morning SUCKED.  If anyone wants to know how or where to catch a million white trout, I'm your man...  More later, just pics at the moment.