2017 Massey's Fish Pics Awards and Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club Meeting

I've been back in town for a few days now after our trip to Brazil, but still haven't quite found time to go through my photos from the one fishing trip I did get to make there.  Since it's just a few photos though, I thought I'd throw up some of these photos from the awards last night.  I thought my son could use some quality time with some kayaks and fishermen, so I packed him up in the backpack and headed over to Mid-City, just about 10 mins from me (sweetness).  Dave at Massey's does an awesome job with this, providing food and drinks and of course some pretty amazing prizes.  The tournament will run again this year starting in early March, and ending in February.  It is a CPR format, with points for biggest fish in both conventional and fly formats.  Check the BCKFC website for more information on how to participate.  The upstairs showroom at Massey's is pretty brand new as well, and has a ton of boats to check out, including a great Jackson selection.  I thought the paddle display was pretty sweet too, with the various paddles set in clips on the wall, where you can easily look at the differences.  It's hard to compare paddles when you're pulling them out of a stack.  In any case, I got a chance to get some good nuggets of knowledge just from chatting with some more experienced anglers, and got to see some good people take home some prizes.   Congrats to all!