ALL NEW! Jackson Coosa FD Pedal Kayak Videos

Jackson is joining the pedal game in 2017 with their FlexDrive system, starting with two boats: the Coosa FD and the Cruise FD.  During the summer, I spend most of my time in my Kilroy sight fishing for redfish, but I'm pretty excited to get in one of these boats and get the incredible advantage of having both hands free when fishing for trout, flounder and bass.  In terms of positioning and getting a lot of casts in, a pedal kayak is a HUGE advantage.  Jackson has always had very well thought out boats for anglers, and these are no different.  I got a chance to check out the Coosa FD pre-production model, and I was struck by all the little touches, particularly how streamlined it was and how little there is for line to catch on, even on a kayak not necessarily made for fly fishing.  I'm also really excited for the opportunities to photograph while maneuvering and moving.  Taking photos of other anglers with fish, or getting the perfect angle while trying to juggle a camera and paddle can be a pain, and I saw right away in my short trip with the demo that pedals are going to be crucial for on the water photo/video production.

First up are two official videos from the JK Media House, and following that two videos I shot, one short clip of a POV pedaling view, and a walk through by fellow JK Fishing Team member Eli Braud.