Water Temp: 80-82f

Tide: falling, range about 1.2’


   Well it just so happened to be my birthday today, and what else could I ask for but a beautiful day on the water? Been fighting an annoying chest cold all week and it was definitely a toss up as to whether I was going to get myself out of bed this morning, but once my eyes opened and I thought about that saltwater there was no going back.  Josh Reppel and I launched from BSM around 7:45am and headed out to the dam. They had storm minnows at the launch, which were totally unknown to me, but I bought 10 along with 20 shrimp. Wish I would have bought 30 of the minnows. Those things are amazing - tough, lively, and apparently irresistible. I did have a few stolen, but out of the 10 I had, I'd say 6 caught good fish. The first one I put on the hook was SLAMMED by a 36" redfish. When I say slammed, I mean I wondered if the rod holder was going to buckle over; that fish was definitely excited about the storm minnow. Caught two 16" trout on the minnows, and a good size white trout as well. Our routine fishing was happily interrupted by a massive school of jacks that came in like a Mongolian horde. One minute we were just trolling the bottom, the next minute we were yelling and chasing a massive, boiling ball of fish. The first jack I ran into grabbed the minnow I had on my 20lb test, ran off with it and popped the line like it wasn't even there. I was a little insulted, but I soldiered on, not having anything better to fight with. The second hit a topwater bait and gave me a good 10 minute or so ride, before rudely breaking my line and stealing my lure while I was distracted trying not to get towed into an anchored boat.   Josh was better equipped with 60lb braid and landed a 28lb jack after losing the first one and his topwater lure. As quickly as they came in, they took off, and things quieted down.   We paddled over into the marsh right across from the marina, where I ended up with 3 keeper reds from 17-22", a few rat reds, another keeper spec, a bunch of undersized specs, and a couple of big ass catfish that fooled me into thinking they were reds, all on a cork, with either shrimp or vudu tipped with shrimp.