Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club Minimalist Challenge 2018 - Photos

I'm not even going to talk about my fishing experience, smdh...  Let's just say it was a nice opportunity to get a chance to do some scenic pedaling in the new Coosa FD.  That boat performed really incredibly well in shallow water.   Big congrats to everyone that was able to find fish in low, cold water.  Fun time hanging out with the other officers and longtime members, my buddy and neighbor Allen DeJean made the hang, everything except for the fishing was great.


2017 Massey's Fish Pics Awards and Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club Meeting

I've been back in town for a few days now after our trip to Brazil, but still haven't quite found time to go through my photos from the one fishing trip I did get to make there.  Since it's just a few photos though, I thought I'd throw up some of these photos from the awards last night.  I thought my son could use some quality time with some kayaks and fishermen, so I packed him up in the backpack and headed over to Mid-City, just about 10 mins from me (sweetness).  Dave at Massey's does an awesome job with this, providing food and drinks and of course some pretty amazing prizes.  The tournament will run again this year starting in early March, and ending in February.  It is a CPR format, with points for biggest fish in both conventional and fly formats.  Check the BCKFC website for more information on how to participate.  The upstairs showroom at Massey's is pretty brand new as well, and has a ton of boats to check out, including a great Jackson selection.  I thought the paddle display was pretty sweet too, with the various paddles set in clips on the wall, where you can easily look at the differences.  It's hard to compare paddles when you're pulling them out of a stack.  In any case, I got a chance to get some good nuggets of knowledge just from chatting with some more experienced anglers, and got to see some good people take home some prizes.   Congrats to all!  

Hanging with the JK Media Team in Point-Aux-Chenes

As a relative newcomer to the Jackson team, I was psyched to get a chance to meet some of the guys from the team, and hang with a few of the Louisiana team members.  PAC Kayak Rentals is a nice spot for something like this, with the well thought out facilities and the super cool houseboat.  Luckily, my parents were kind enough to come up a little early for a Thanksgiving visit to help watch my son while I snuck away for two days of fishing.  Huge thanks to both of them, as well as my wonderful wife, who is patient to the extreme with my boyish excitement with this sport.

Day 1

I arrived at the marina around 7am, and strolled around looking at some of the boats that were out - Cruise FD, Coosa FD, and the new Bluesky boat.  Fellow JK Louisiana guys Eli Braud and Chuck Bahan were there, along with the JK Media team Brooks Beatty and Jameson Redding, as well as Gene Jensen (Flukemaster) and Robert Field.  Brooks and Jameson needed to do some filming at the marina, so we all headed out to fish.  

It wasn't long before I found a decent redfish, and some ok water, and had high hopes for fishing.  As it turned out, it turned out to be a fairly tough day of fishing, with higher than anticipated winds, and a lot of picky fish that snubbed a lot of my lures.  Still found a few however!  I spent a lot of time avoiding areas with duck hunters in them, and did eventually find some clean water and fish, but had a bit of a hard time figuring out what they wanted, as many of them would spook immediately upon seeing a lure. 

Eventually I heard from Jameson, and let him know where I was, by that point a good ways away from the marina.  After a few issues with GPS coordination, I told him to let me know where he was and I'd paddle to him.  To be fair, I was way the hell out in the middle of nowhere.  Eventually we all found ourselves in the same place, and caught a few fish, which Brooks and Jameson filmed.  Sunset was imminent, and I caught a few good shots as we made our way back to the marina.

Day 2 

Day 2 got off to a bit of slow start, which was just fine for me, as I was having some whiskey/beer related performance issues...  Chris Funk was kind enough to bring his Kilroy DT down, and I had a chance to paddle it around a little bit at the marina before we all launched.  Caught a couple of photos at the marina before we headed out.

Eventually, the kayak Voltron formed up, and we headed more or less south.  This time, I was determined to stick with folks and not paddle off deep in the marsh like I usually do.  Things started off pretty well for me, and I had landed 3 fish pretty shortly.  None were huge, but it was a relief to get it out of the way and get some of it filmed.  I did a little bit of tactics talking on camera with Jameson, and then sat back a bit and took a few pictures while hanging with Eli, Brooks and Jameson.  I usually fish so hard, it was pretty nice to sit back and relax a bit.  Brooks sight casted a nice redfish pretty shortly, and I got a sweet photo of Chris Funk with a sheepshead that he sight cast on the fly rod.  Eli and Brooks needed to do some filming, so I split off and wandered around on my own.  I didn't plan on making it an extremely long day, as I wanted to get back and hang out with the family.  I did a bit more paddling and exploring, found a few, and found my favorite photo of the day, a weathered oak root base in the marsh.  Once I got back to the marina, I took my time packing up, cleaned the two fish I had kept for dinner, and took a shower on the house boat.  It was pretty awesome to drive back clean, and with the fish cleaned.  Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I hope the rest of the guys catch some good fish over the weekend!