Things to do while kayak fishing:

To Do:

  • Plan your trip via Google Earth or similar software.  
  • Get to sleep as early as possible.


Not To Do:

  • Get caught up in gear/rigging/electronics.  As you fish more and more, you'll know what you want and need.  You can fish effectively with a 1-2 rods and handful of lures.  In many ways, kayak fishing is best done with as minimal gear as possible.
  • Buy expensive gear right away.  Get serviceable gear, but don't spend top dollar right away.  As you learn the delicate art of not falling in the water and or dropping your gear in the water, you're bound to 






  • Quick check on reels/leader.  Having to tie on leader in the morning costs precious time.
  • Pack and check gear, snacks, cameras, etc the night before.  Don't think you'll remember anything at 4am.
  • Clean your sunglasses.
  • Stage your clothes, wallet, keys, sunglasses, shoes, etc in one spot.   Nothing kills your schedule and pisses your spouse off like crashing around looking for your wallet at an unholy hour.





Things to keep in mind on the water:

  • Be "calmly decisive".   Fishing too fast/impatiently is one of the worst 





Things NOT to do:

  • Lea



10 Commandments of Kayak Fishing:


  1. Simplicity = speed.  Over time, you will figure out exactly what you need for success.  Try not to add anything to your setup that you don't absolutely need to become a better angler.
  2.  Gear does not make you a better angler.
  3. Move with deliberate speed and be calmly decisive.  Rushing anything, whether it is a decision to move